There are angels all around us

Welcome to Energy Healing Angels

We offer Psychic Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Astrology, Chakra Balancing, Protection Spells, Manifestation Coaching and Beauty Consultations. You have a team to call on to offer guidance in matters of health, relationships and careers. 

My name is Gita Devi I am a third generation intuitive counselor and Licensed Esthetician since 2005.  I combine my gifts and professional training with the teachings of Vedic scripture and the principals of Law of Attraction, to help clients to achieve their goals. 


The Energy Healing Angels are always compassionate and knowledgeable.  Have faith and trust that a higher power has guided you to this page.  You are certain find the support that you need!

Call today for a free consultation.

The Process

Experience our new approach to wellness!

When you call for your free consultation you will be speaking with

me Gita.  After a short intake we will look into your cards and get to the bottom of what it is that you need and how to transform your life. Often times a tarot card reading and talking helps to clear mental confusion.  


Most likely you wish to improve some aspect of your life whether relationship, career, or self improvement. You will benefit from our specialty services.

We offer:

Massage Therapy to move stress and toxins out of the body.


Energy Healing with Chakra balancing to restore balance to the body and raise your vibration

Protection Spells and Guided Meditations which protect your energy field from outward attacks and focus our minds positively on your goals 


Astrology/Compatibility Readings which look into destiny and the chances of your relationship lasting long term.


and Much More!

Its is important to understand our personal journeys are unique. All of these techniques help to understand ourselves on a deeper level.

You move into a place of balance, connectedness and healing. From here you will notice all aspects of your life have made a positive shift and you are manifesting your goals more quickly leading to better health, contentment and harmony in the world.


Contact me today to schedule a free consultation. It is an investment in yourself.I work with an international clientele so feel free to contact me on WhatsApp from wherever you are.  I look forward to speaking with you!
-Gita Devi

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"Gita was very reassuring and a calming, encouraging presence from the get go. I really felt more clarity and confidence around my core issues with business and relationship after my reading. I felt like she helped me to understand the questions I was really wrestling with and relax knowing that my higher self and the universe were already on the job."

Craig P. Chiropractor Rome, IT


"Gita is the best! I always call her when I am feeling overwhelmed by my family life and emotions. She is able to guide me through my toughest moments and restore me to peaceful state of mind. I don't drink or use any sort of relaxants. I just call Gita. Talking really helps."

Nadine S.  Pharmacist Tampa, Florida


"Energy Healing Angels is a great program. I have had reiki healing from an actual reiki master, I had my birth chart done with a Vedic astrologer and when I was pregnant I was getting prenatal massages. They even connected me to a healer who came to my home to clear out all the old energies before I brought baby home. It's nice to have them like a resource for more spiritual services."

Katherina E.  Full-time mom Lake City, FL


“I love this Tarot reading! I am in Puerto Rico and we did it over the phone and it was very accurate and I was happily surprised! Recommend it!  I have recommended many of my friends to her”

Annette C.  Creative director and proud mom San Juan, Puerto Rico


“I have consulted Gita for years and love how she connects to the tarot cards, making every reading so nurturing and truthful.”

Anne VF. Teacher Sydney, AU


"I first met Sara and Gita years ago when Gita was speaking at an event in Rome. I found her speech to be very empowering.  I've consulted them both ever since for relationship advice. I say it's thanks to them my boyfriend actually proposed! Can't wait to try their Mindset for Manifesting program!"

Ashley K.  Graduate Student New York, New York