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Gita Devi
Energy Healing Angels

There are angels all around us

Welcome to Energy Healing Angels

We all seek to uplift our physical and spiritual energy flow in order to Manifest the life experience we desire.


It is no coincidence that you landed on this page today.  You've been looking for something special, some deeper guidance and now you've found it.  Please consider that now you have a team of spiritual well wishers on your side.  That feeling is priceless!

Give a call just to see! The consultation is free!

My name is Gita Devi, When you call you will be speaking with me. I am a third generation intuitive healer.  I was born into the world of Bhakti Yoga where we study the ancient Vedic Scriptures of India and practice powerful Sanskrit meditations. 

I became licensed as a skin care therapist in 2005 and worked for 13 years in some of the most reputable spas in the world including Ritz Carlton and Standard Miami Beach where I was reintroduced to the Tarot.  I began to take a more serious interest in Tarot Readings and Energy Healing and the benefits they can bring to one's life.

For the past 10 years I had been traveling in Throughout Europe and spent much time in Rome where Energy Healing Angels was born

Our goal with Energy Healing Angels is to channel a lifetimes of knowledge and experience in a way which helps as many people as possible, including myself, to stay on path.


When we remember that we are already Loved, just as we are, we feel empowered to go after our dreams in a noble way.


Energy Healing for a Lifetime


We offer:

Tarot Energy Readings

get clarity around your love life, relationships, career, life path and more. 


Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing

restore balance to the body and raise your vibration in order to manifest your desires.

Lion's Roar  Energy Protection Guided Meditation

 protect your energy field from all  negative influences, unfavorable people, ill-wishing eyes and ill will.


Astrology/Compatibility Readings which look into destiny and the chances of your relationship lasting long term, and Much More!


Experience a unique approach to wellness!

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Contact me today to schedule a free consultation. It is an investment in yourself.I work with an international clientele so feel free to contact me on WhatsApp from wherever you are.  I look forward to speaking with you!
-Gita Devi

Thanks you'll be hearing from us soon!


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