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Protect your energy in all circumstances

Lion Armor Protection

This Powerful guided meditation is based on the ancient Sanskrit Lion Armor Protection Mantra. It has been recited by kings throughout history to protect themselves and their kingdoms and loved ones from all types of attack.  The magic is in the practice. There are no shortcuts here.


The sound vibration produced by uttering the syllables of the Lion Armor Protection Mantra forms an invisible shield of armor around us.  You will learn how to protect yourself  from all dark forces, dark magic, bad luck, unfavorable planets, evil eye and the  jealous/envious thoughts of people around us.

You are free to live and create your life free of those negative influences.

Includes: The Sanskrit Lion Armor Protection Mantra, The English Translation and the Simplified Guided Meditation which will help you to maintain your practice at home to protect your loved ones.

It also includes Instructions for the performing the Personal Energy Cleansing Fast, Home Energy Cleanse and instruction for 21 day Manifestation Program.

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