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Updated: May 22, 2022

1. Phone readings can be more effective

It has been my experience that phone and video tarot card readings are often more effective then in-person sessions. When a psychic is in tune and has enough professional experience, she can tap into your energy no matter where you are. A reading is about tapping into your vibrational field, which can be done from anywhere.

Another real thing to consider is the tendency to become distracted by everything you may see around you when having an in-person tarot consultation. And this can cause you to have nervous or distorted energy which is not good for receiving clear messages.

2. No commute.

You can have a professional personalized reading from the comfort your own home.

Having a Tarot Card Reading when you are surrounded by everything you feel comfortable and familiar with, in your own home, or place where you feel connected and safe, will positively affect the quality of your reading. You will likely feel more comfortable discussing intimate details about your life and relationships when you feel you have privacy.

3. You have access to a trusted advisor when you need it.

Trust and confidence are invaluable!

Being able to contact your trusted advisor when you need guidance or some deeper insight means that you get to stay in the moment. You don't have to wait until the next time you can make it in for an appointment to find answers to your questions. You can connect wherever.

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