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Readings in English and Spanish

We will be working with several powerful Tarot and Oracle Card Decks.

My job is to help you tap into your spiritual guidance systems to get clarity around your love life, relationships, career, life path and more.  

We will begin your reading by cleansing the cards and asking all our benevolent, well-wishing angels, to guide us through this reading.

Option 1 :

Full-Deck Energy Reading

You will get clarity on your situations concerning relationships, career, life path and wellness.

You will receive guidance on how to overcome obstacles and reach success

20min.  $60

Option 2 :

Full-Deck Energy Reading with Question & Answer Session
With this reading we still look into Love Life, Career and Destiny but we also look for answers to your specific questions.

30 min.  $80

Option : 3 (Most Popular!)
Full-Deck Energy Reading with introductory Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

60 min $150

Remember, We do readings to shed light on a situation and stay on course. Not to force an outcome.

Readings help us to feel safe where we stand and to move forward with a clearer perspective.

We cleanse the cards and set an intention for the reading. The cards that come up are always the right cards for you. 

The images on the tarot cards themselves are filled with symbolism

 which we can use to interpret the messages that are coming through for you from your Angels.

Energy Healing Angels

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